Rainford Show

Rainford Village Hall
One of the judges in action at Rainford Show, 2010


  1. The hall will be open for the staging of exhibits on the Friday evening prior to the show from 6:30pm until 9:00pm and on the Show Day from 7:30am. All exhibits must be staged by 10:30am. The hall will then be cleared for judging.
  2. Exhibitors must provide their own vases, bowls and/or containers where required.
  3. Exhibitors must collect their staging tickets for each entry from the secretary's table on arrival at the hall. These are to be placed face down in front of the exhibit before judging commences. Exhibits without staging tickets will not be judged for competition.
  4. All vegetable and flower exhibits, other than floral art classes, must have been grown by the exhibitor and/or must have been in the exhibitor's possession for at least six weeks.
  5. As far as possible, exhibits should be named, but any incorrect names or omission will not disqualify. Judges will recognise correct naming in favour of an exhibit in close competition.
  6. During judging, no exhibitors will be allowed in the hall. Only show officials and appointed stewards may be in the hall whilst judging is in progress.
  7. The judge's decision shall be final. Judges are empowered to withold awards where exhibits are considered to be of insufficient merit.
  8. Whilst every precaution will be taken to safeguard the exhibits, the show committee cannot be held responsible for loss or damage.
  9. Points for trophies and special prize awards will be calculated as follows:
    • First: 5 points
    • Second: 3 points
    • Third: 1 point
    Double points are awarded for classes 1, 100 and 120.
  10. All trophies will be held by the winners for 11 months and will remain the property of the show committee. Trophies should be returned at the beginning of the August following the show at which they are won to Rainford Library.
  11. Exhibits may not be removed before 4:30pm
  12. The show committee is empowered, without being obliged to explain the reason outside the committee, to:
    1. Refuse any entry,
    2. Withold any prize,
    3. Visit any allotment or garden,
    4. Settle any matter not provided for in the rules
  13. Exhibitors are responsible for tidying up the area around their exhibits before judging
  14. Any exhibitor wishing to make an objection must do so in writing to the chairman before 2.00pm on the day of the show. Each objection should be accompanied by a deposit of £1.00, which will be refunded if the objection is upheld and forfeited if not upheld by the show committee, whose decision shall be final.

Prize money can be claimed from the treasurer's table after 2.30pm on the day of the show, or within 14 days thereafter.

For all enquiries regarding the show, please contact Peter and Toni Reddington on 01744 883497

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