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Entering Exhibits in Rainford Show

An entry form is provided as the inside back cover of the show schedule. Additional entry forms will be available from the Secretary's table during staging. A printable entry form is available below. A separate entry form is to be used for each section.

Closing times for submission of entry forms

Entry forms may be handed in prior to staging

  1. Horticultural Section (classes 1 – 127) to
    The Show Secretary, Mrs Toni Reddington, by 9:30am on the day of the show (the Village Hall, during staging times)
    Telephone enquiries: 01744 883497
  2. Floral Art (Classes 180 – 185) to
    The Show Secretary, Mrs Toni Reddington, by noon of the day before the show
    Telephone enquiries: 01744 883497
  3. Domestic and Handicrafts section (Classes 140 – 171) to
    Ms Melanie Lee, by 9:30am on the day of the show (the village hall, during staging times)
    Telephone enquiries: 01744 884611
  4. Photography Section (Classes 130 – 137) to
    Mr Eric Fairclough, 64 Church Road, Rainford, between Monday 20th August and 8pm on Friday 25th August - with photographs.
    Telephone enquiries: 07508 295999

Staging times

All photographic entries must be left with Eric Fairclough, as detailed above.

For all other sections, the hall will be open for staging on the Friday (i.e. the day before the show) from 6:30pm til 9pm, and on show day from 7:30am to 10:30am. Floral arts exhibits are welcome from 12 noon on the Friday.

The hall will be closed for judging at 10:30am, and all entries must be staged by then.

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